Quality and 100% assurance. This is what Verkerk Groep’s control systems for the maritime sector stand for. The panels and distribution boards are usually unique and made to customers’ specifications, but can, of course, also be built in series. Big or small, simple or with special requirements – the Verkerk Groep’s specialists have a suitable solution. From safety standby to platform supply. Ships of all types can be fitted with our high-quality data management and control systems!

Panel construction
The Verkerk Groep has been involved in the in-house construction of control panels, control consoles, patch panels, motor control centres and distribution boards that form a key link between various electrical installations and machines for many years. The Panel Construction production department provides a high-quality basis for projects in the field of control technology, industrial automation, utility, data communication and maritime, which helps prevent failures in the process and generates the highest possible return.

Customised solutions
Real-time reports via high-quality customised reporting systems provide faster identification of possible failures and the possibility to achieve quicker solutions. The engineering department can take over the entire project on the client’s behalf. The Verkerk Groep not only looks after the calculation, engineering, assembly and testing, but also, during the development phase, offers proactive input on the integrations that it can achieve.

The quality is monitored by our project managers, who consult with the clients on a daily basis, and our engineering department, which concludes this by conducting a FAT, SAT, HAT and Sea Trial.

Distribution boards
Distribution boards are a speciality of the Verkerk Groep. This is the heart of the electrical installation and is therefore produced with the utmost of care. Distribution boards are usually made to customers’ specifications, ranging from different capacities and dimensions to simple or with special requirements. This involves a great deal of expertise, a quality that the Verkerk Groep’s employees possess.

Safe and sustainable
All distribution boards built meet the essential requirements in the area of safety and sustainability. The Verkerk Groep does not rely on any one manufacturer, so that different manufacturers can be used, depending on the client and user’s wishes. Some examples of the facilities offered to the maritime sector:

  • 690 Vac 50 hz/60hz Main switchboards
  • 400 Vac / 480 Vac distribution boards
  • Internal and external illumination
  • Alarm and monitoring systems
  • Power management systems
  • Internal communication systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Closed Circuit TV systems
  • Integrated Beta bridge design, navigation consoles
  • Engine watch room consoles
  • Coaxial distribution systems
  • Machinery packages
  • LAN internal distribution network

Where to from here?
Our specialists will be pleased to visit you to discuss the various electrical possibilities that are pertinent to your situation.

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E: info@verkerk.com